Intellexual Being: Seulange Houle

One Half of the Dynamic Duo known as, Resident Nerd Girl at Gotham Central Comics and Collectibles in Mississauga and an active Member of The Ontario Ghostbusters.
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@kingjoekong + I hanging out in Vulcan. Our faces when we realized we couldn’t take the ship back to Mississauga with us. Something about luggage weight limitations… #vulcan #alberta #startrek #trekkie

Happy Easter all! Have a derpy dog…

Live Long and Prosper #llap #vulcan #startrek #alberta

This is the best piece of trivia ever…

Let’s do it!

Captain’s Log. Stardate 04132014.2 - We have landed on a strange planet. Seems to be no significant signs of life…

Uncle Joey makes Kaleb giggle

Yeeeeah, booooooy!

Ghost Town, Montana.