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One Half of the Dynamic Duo known as, Resident Nerd Girl at Gotham Central Comics and Collectibles in Mississauga and an active Member of The Ontario Ghostbusters.
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Starbucks swagga! Blue lipstick at work today. Ugh, such blue stains…

Oh baby, give me one more chaaaance…

#guardiansofthegalaxy #gotg #tobeapartner #wearegroot #sbux #4478 #starbucks

#wearegroot #guardiansofthegalaxy

Things from South Africa that @ballisticlight brought me and @kingjoekong.

Pregnant Sea Horses just hanging out.

I don’t even know how he managed to curl up like that in the side of a stick. (at The Toronto Zoo)

Pumba! No Timone though. (at The Toronto Zoo)

BIG Hippo! (at The Toronto Zoo)

King of the Jungle (at Toronto Zoo)